Yellowstone trip

I thought I would post a few pictures from our trip through Yellowstone at the end of September. We were in Lander, WY (where Ryan passed his licensure exams with flying colors--only two left in Jan and he'll be officially Rev.) so we drove up through the Tetons and then through Yellowstone from the south to the north entrance on our way to Missoula. It was the perfect day--clear, warm, full fall foliage, no traffic and it happened to be "public lands day" (who knew?) so we got in free!We saw a bear 10 feet off the road, and tons of buffalo, elk, antelope, and deer. The shot of the elk is in Mammoth where Ryan grew up and we stayed a night with friends.Life update: we move to Missoula in 10 days!


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SIGH... sounds nice.


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