Hello Grandma Carla!!

Grandma Carla arrived today and is really enjoying her grandson. Bridger is also enjoying the extra attention--not to mention all the new clothes! Mommy made daddy introduce the bottle this week so that she doesn't have to do all of the late night feedings. Bridger isn't too happy with that arrangement because he has trouble settling down after Dad feeds him...he just wants to play afterwards.

We took Bridger to his 2 week check up on Wednesday and were very surprised that he had already gained a pound! He is now up to 7 pounds 11 oz. We can't believe how fast he is growing. Today his umbilical cord fell off and that means we are allowed to give him his first real bath. Dad can't wait to play in the tub with him.

Dad could really use prayer over the next 2 or 3 weeks as he goes through final exams. He is currently trying to finish up a few papers for his last few days of class this next week. It will be hard for him as he wants to hang out with family that is coming, but he really needs to get work done.

Aunt Missy is coming again on Tuesday to spend Thanksgiving with us. It should be a great time in our little apartment with Grandma Carla and Bridger's favorite Aunt Missy visiting!


Bridger's first week

Today marked the 1 week point in the life of Bridger. We can't believe how fast the first week went by! Rachel is doing so well--already wearing her old clothes and looking magnificent. Bridger has had a great first week. With the exception of 2 nights he has slept great. Daddy is so happy because he has been able to stay up late studying and still sleep well. Mommy has been so good about getting up with Bridger and doing the several feedings in the night. She rarely wakes Daddy when she does this. Sometimes Daddy wakes up because Bridger is having a hard time going back to sleep for Mommy and he'll try to settle him down while Mommy goes back to sleep. God has built a great team in our home and we are nothing shy of thrilled about our little boy so far.

Bridger is anxiously awaiting the arrival of Grandma Carla in 2 weeks as well as the return of Aunt Missy at the same time. He loves his Aunt Missy and enjoyed her company immensely during this week. He was sad to see her go this morning. He is also excited to see Grandma Ellen and Grandpa Denny in about 3 weeks.

We'll keep you posted here about how the Sutherland family is doing. Until we can figure out to post pictures here, go to our website to the right and see some pics of Bridger. We will try to update those each weekend. Talk to you soon.


Our First Blog

This is our first attempt at Blogging. Let us know what you think or if you have any suggestions. We are planning to redo our website soon and once we do, we will update this more regularly with pictures, so check back for pics of Bridger. This hopefully will allow us to more quickly update you with pictures and to do so more often. Thanks Jeff!