Pretty Proud Grandpas!

Grandpa Charlie

Grandpa Denny

Here is Grandma and Grandpa Sutherland when they visited in December...I didn't have the pics going then to post it.

Learning to Smile!!!

Bridger is beginning to smile socially. We have been having a lot of fun getting him to entertain us on command now. Unfortunately, in spite of this new found expression, he still gets upset with us occasionally

He and Dad were watching some boxing last night and Bridger decided that his new role model was Don King

We'll keep posting pics as we have time. Stay tuned...



Bridger finally got to meet his Uncle Nathan on New Year's Day. Bridger was so excited to finally meet his other uncle. Nate drove out to Brookings all the way from Denver to visit. We are pretty sure that he enjoyed meeting his nephew as much as his nephew enjoyed meeting him!


Back to School

Ryan started back at Westminster today for an intensive 3 week Hebrew course. It is 4 days a week for about 3 1/2 hours a day of strictly Hebrew. Please pray for him as the course looks like it will be much more difficult and time consuming than he was expecting.

Bridger was a wonderful traveler on our way to and from South Dakota for Christmas. He never cried once on the airplanes, or during the 6 hour car ride to Iowa for his baptism. Rachel checked out some websites today about baby milestones and Bridger has pretty much done everything that a 3 month is supposed to do at only 2 months! We are very proud of him and are amazed at how quickly he has grown and how strong he is.