Family Fun

Here's a few family photos from Grandma and Grandpa's stay. They had a harrowing, snow-filled trip home, but they made it back today.


Grandma and Grandpa have fun with Bridger

Grandma Carla came to visit March 6th and Grandpa Charlie arrived on the 11th. They are staying through Tuesday and enjoying their growing grandson. Bridger had his first train ride down to the Flower Show with mom and grandma.


Four Months Old!

Bridger is four months old today and, as you can see by the picture, already reading short books. I (Rachel) have finally learned how to blog so this will actually be updated regularly--we promise this time...


Bridger Reaches a Milestone!

Bridger rolled over for the first time yesterday. Mom and Dad were very excited to see their little boy growing so fast. He has really lengthened out and he is measuring over 25 inches long now!