Spring finally arrives

The warm weather has finally come to stay in Philly and Bridger is loving the outside world more and more. He loves to feel the grass and smell the cherry blossoms that are blooming like crazy right now. Ryan was away most of last week at a Presbytery meeting in Denver so he was able to spend some time with his brother. Bridger and mom had a good time together too. This weekend, Rachel is heading to the Jersey shore for a women's retreat with our church and Ryan will have Bridger all to himself. Check out a few pics of the little guy basking in the sun:


Sitting up on his own!

Bridger surprised us all over Easter when he learned to sit up on his own. He had been wobbly for awhile, but one day he just woke up with the ability to stay sitting. He loves it now, especially because he's discovered his feet and he likes to chew on them while sitting up. He also likes to roll a ball back and forth as you can see him playing in this picture with Abby.


Bridger tries rice cereal this week

Bridger did pretty well with the spoon-feeding, though he's still not too sure what to do with it and likes to play with the sticky stuff a lot.

Easter visit to New Hampshire and Vermont

The Sutherland family traveled to New Hampshire and Vermont this Easter weekend to meet up with Denny, Ellen, Melissa, and Nathan as well as many many folks from the Sutherland and Houghton clans. We were able to spend one night and day with the Bohrer family. Den and Ellen treated us to two nights at a B&B in Woodstock and we had a great time.

Here's Bridger and Abbey:

Here's Grandma Ellen and the little guy and also a four-generation picture:


Bridger's Activities

Here are a few of Bridger's latest activities:
Talking to relatives on the phone and relaxing with daddy

Sitting up now for minutes at a time--he especially likes playing with trains, trucks and balls

And, of course, his favorite of all--Bathtime!

Milestone for Rachel!

Rachel has now celebrated 25 years of no cavaties! Yes, that's right, her dentist prounounced a clean bill of dental health, though Rachel was worried this time after the pregnancy that Bridger had stolen all her calcium. Bridger has gone five months now without cavaties (well, without teeth at all) which we think is longer than Ryan did as a child so he may have inherited Rachel's tooth genes. The jury's still out on that. Here's a few pictures of the big guy's toothless grin.


Fun with Daddy

Ryan's spring break is coming up this next week and we are looking forward to a little break, though he tells me he'll have lots of homework anyway and will be working 40 hours. We'll be heading up to Vermont/New hampshire for the Easter weekend to see the entire Sutherland clan as well as the Bohrers. Even though Ryan's been hard at work with Seminary, he still finds time to hang out with his little man!