Ryan finishes first year of seminary!

In the last three weeks Ryan has completed 4 papers for a total of over 60 written pages and 7 final exams, mostly essay. He is officially finished with both Greek and Hebrew proper, although many other classes will require translation and knowledge of these languages. Many late nights are now over for the short respite of summer where working a 40-hour week will seem like a carribean vacation. Bridger and Rachel are looking forward to having Ryan around a little more. Praise God for one year down!


Trying new things

Here's a self-satisfied six-month-old riding in the big cart:


Bridger is now 18 pounds, 11 ounces and 26 1/2 inches long. He feels much heavier in his carrier, though. He's been teething lately and sometimes irritable. He's also trying to crawl, though he's more effective scooting backwards and not forwards. He gets stuck under the furniture, as you can see in the below photo. I also had to include another picture of him in the bathtub...


Six months old

Bridger is trying more and more tastes of babyfood and generally being a very big boy. He now loves to ride in the grocery store carts like a pro and even swings on the park swing. Rachel went to a women's retreat at the beach last weekend and the boys were on their own. They survived without mom and Ryan even got Bridger to start sleeping in until 8am!