Ryan goes to UK

Ryan left for Ireland on the 25th and arrived there safely. He'll be there until Thursday and then he heads to London until the 9th of July. Chuck and Carla are visiting now for awhile to hang out with Rachel and Bridger. Here are a few photos of Ryan and Bridger for him to check while he's away.


Beach time for Father's day

Bridger saw the ocean for the first time on Father's day weekend as the family went to the Jersey shore. Bridger liked the sand and water for awhile, though he soon had sand everywhere on his body. He loved the porch at the shorehouse where he watched all the birds and dragonflies.


Summertime activities

Bridger had his first trip to the swimming pool last week, which he really enjoyed. It was a little cold, but he had fun. He always loves the water. He's also very into his new book about trucks.


Enjoying Summer

The Sutherland family is enjoying summer having Ryan around more and Rachel down to a part-time schedule. We have been filling our time, of course, but have been able to hang out with more people and do things we enjoy. Bridger continues to grow. He loves to ride in daddy's backback and also loves pretzel rods (like father, like son)!