Fun with family in SoDak

The Sutherland family had a relaxing week back in Brookings with the family.  Bridger enjoyed the outdoors and all the family attention.

Here's Bridger and Grandpa on the swing and all of us having dinner outside on the porch:
Bridger had fun with Scott, Wendy, Sarah and Emily too!

Bridger claps for Paula and grandma and enjoys some time with great-grandma Shald too.


Ryan's back stateside

Ryan returned from his UK trip this Saturday and the family was very excited to see him. Bridger had lots of fun with relatives while Ryan was away, but he missed his daddy a lot. He was much clingier to Rachel, probably wondering if all his parents were going to leave him. Here are some of the fun things we've been doing, though:

On a tractor at the Kutztown Pennsylvania German Festival; 4th of July

Bridger with Rachel's friend Sarah White; Anna and Bridger bathing

The big group of us hiking in Quechee; Caleb and Abby hamming for the camera


Grandma Carla having fun with Bridger


Daddy--Bridger's looking for you!


Sleeping baby

I'm putting pictures on the site for Ryan to check while he's overseas and missing Bridger. These of him sleeping are so sweet.



Grandpa Charlie went home Tuesday, but he had a great time with Bridger while he was here. He showed Bridger lots of new games and Bridger had so much fun.


Smily guy