Enjoying Food

Bridger is now eating an array of table food. Spaghetti is one of his new favorites, especially since he can get it all over his face!


First big scrape

Now that Bridger's crawling, mom and dad have to change our mindset a little bit as we forget how quickly he moves. This weekend Ryan was outside talking to someone and had left our door open. Soon Bridger had crawled out to the outside door and took a dive right off the step. He scraped up his face pretty good, but he was fine. He's a born daredevil--always trying to dive off things. Here are a few pictures of him trying to be a big boy.


Bridger weighs in

At Bridger's nine month appointment, we discovered that he is a good 20 1/2 pounds, though we'd swear he weighs more when we're carrying him around. He's also grown a couple of inches of height. Here are a few pictures:


Old friend visits

Seth Neal, a very old friend of Ryans and a moderately old friend of Rachel's visited this week. He got to see a little of what it was like to have a baby around the house and I'm sure will be grateful to go back to a little peace and quiet. Bridger loved having a new playmate, though.


Nine months old

Hello all,
Bridger had his 9-month pictures yesterday and they are online to view. Don't worry, you'll probably get some hard copies, but those aren't ready for a few weeks so here's a preview: