Big Boy

Bridger is doing lots of fun new things like giving good "fives", riding on his toys, even walking behind his rolling contraptions. His new words are "hi" and "ball"


Enjoying the outdoors

We have been having wonderful early fall weather and Bridger is loving getting outside. We don't know how the winter will be because Bridger is such an outdoor boy, but for now we're getting outside as much as possible!


Nana and Papa visit

Nana and Papa Sutherland came all the way from Alaska to visit for the week last week. Bridger was very entertaining, as usual. Ryan and Rachel took advantage of the babysitting and went away for a day for our 3rd anniversary. It was a great visit.

Squeezed into the car ---------------Outdoors enjoying the end of summer

Playing ball with Nana -------------------Boys Taking a break from Shopping

Away at the Bed and Breakfast -----------Swimming with mom