Pumpkin time

While Grandma was visiting we went to play at a pumpkin farm. Bridger looked all around and kept saying "ball, ball" as he saw each of the pumpkins. Everything's a ball in his world!


Grandma Carla comes to play

Grandma came for almost a week this month to hang out with all of us, but mostly Bridger. She did some great babysitting for us and Bridger loved it! We visited the pumpkin patch and shopped at Peddler's Village (a quaint little shopping area in Bucks County near our house). It was wonderful to see her.


Tooth finally breaks through!

Bridger's first tooth broke through today--actually two of them at once. His front top two are now crunching on his food and he wasn't bothered by it at all (although he's been "teething" for about six months now).


What will we do when winter comes?