Time with the 6 Bohrers

Bridger and Rachel flew up to New Hampshire last weekend to see Noah, the newest addition to the Bohrer family, as well as the rest of the crew. Anna followed Bridger around trying to kiss him constantly. He would give her a few kisses and then run away.



Bridger's 1st birthday was November 5th and we had a party with 7 other kids his age so it was a bit chaotic. We didn't try any games but had lots of cake, even though Bridger wasn't much intrested in eating his. Here are some photos:


looking for bread...?

ryan has a new blog with this title. he will try to use it to post things in his head as well as provide resources for you to check out. we will keep suther land to keep you updated about the family and bridger, but ryan may also include his personal thoughts about the family too, so check him out often at http://lookingforbread.blogspot.com or click the link to the right.



Bridger dressed up as a smashing little tiger and played with some friends of his for halloween. We did let him have some tastes of candy. I can tell you right now he's going to love chocolate like his parents!


Travels to Bozeman

The Sutherland family enjoyed a trip to Bozeman and Gardiner this month as we saw many old friends and Ryan met with church leaders there about planting churches in Montana. Bridger loved the mountains, especially his own mountain range.

Here we are outside of Bozeman Here's Bridger with aunt Missy who drove from CO