3D Ultrasound Pictures of Joshua

Some friends of ours gave us a gift certificate to a place called A Womb with a View which offers parents a 3D ultrasound view of their child. We enjoyed our visit, though Joshua's positioning never was perfect for a face picture. You can see the best shot we have of him (half covered by my pelvis) below--it's a close-up of his face with his eye to the left, you can see nose, lips, chin, and then his arm is up to his face on the far right. Then we've got a picture of his legs and feet, and one of his hand.

We have scheduled Joshua's birth for July 21st and would appreciate prayer for our hearts leading up to that date and also for the delivery and the time the Lord will give us with him. We are also tentatively planning a memorial service for Sunday evening the 24th. Thank you for your continued support and we will keep you updated.


Trips to the zoo and beach

Grandma Carla came out for a week in May to visit and we hit the zoo. Bridger's really into animals so it was exciting for him. He had lots of fun that week playing with grandma. Here's a few pictures of us at the zoo:

We also hit the beach for Memorial Day weekend with some friends. Bridger loved the sand and water and especially the beach house where the entire lawn was rocks (he thought he died and went to heaven). Here is a picture of him hanging with his friend Drew at the beach and also out on the dock (if you look closely, you'll see the rocks clutched in his grip):