4th of July

We had a crazy and fun 4th of July weekend. Bridger and mom hit the pool Saturday while Ryan helped some of our friends jack-hammer their front porch and steps for the day. Sunday after church we all went to the pool again and then Bridger had a sleep-over at his friend's house while Ryan and I went to the evening Phillies game with some friends. Monday morning we got up early and headed to the zoo. This was Ryan's idea and, admittedly, I was skeptical that it would be packed, but it was completely empty and we had beautiful morning weather. That evening we met several friends for a picnic in the park and the kids played until dusk. We skipped both the parade and the fireworks, but it was a great 4th. Here's a picture of Ryan and Bridger at the zoo watching the polar bear and also the slough of kids at the park:


June musings

We have had lots of fun in June this year as the weather has been glorious. I honestly cannot remember a better spring/summer than this--especially in Philly. There's been hardly any rain and actually only a few heat waves with major humidity. Bugs are few and sunsets are beautiful. Bridger has been hitting the pool often and getting more and more comfortable with "swimming" (ie. kicking his legs while we hold his hands and swirl him all around). Now that Bridger's a big boy, he gets regular haircuts and he sits pretty still for them:

We also hit the Jersey shore again with beautiful beach weather:

On Father's Day we had a picnic and went, for lack of a better word, hiking, although it was mostly walking on a trail by a creek. Bridger could have thrown rocks in the water forever. Here's a picnic picture and a cute sleeping Bridger on the ride home from all the fun: