Quilting Projects

I quilted several of these wallhangings as well as many different Christmas stockings like this one for the New Life Church craft show this year.

Unfortunately, there were more sellers than attendees to that craft show so not many of them moved...

I did end up selling several leftovers on Ebay, though. Maybe in Missoula I'll have better luck with craft shows.


Bridger's 2nd Birthday

Bridger had his 2nd Birthday party on Saturday, November 5th complete with 8 circa 2-year-olds to join in the festivities.

Mom made a Brown Bear cake, which all the kids devoured.

The weather was unseasonably warm so we were thankful the kids had a larger place to play outside than they would have in our apartment.

This birthday was especially wonderful because we had spent the entire day before down at Children's Hospital in Philadelphia with Bridger. His pediatrician had noticed a murmur and an arrhythmia that he was concerned about. So, Bridger had an echo and an ekg and saw the cardiologist who completely cleared him of any issues. Praise the Lord!



Here's Bridger and his friend Drew at a Halloween bash down in Elfreth's Alley in the city
Here's Bridger trick-or-treating. He figured out that candy thing right away and he also noticed that the cuter he was and the longer he stayed at each place, the more candy he got!
Here's the aftermath. Two suckers and a tuckered out boy laying on his spoils.