Bridger's girlfriends

Here is a picture of Bridger with his friends Eden (mid.) and Isabel (left). Their mom is Bridger's regular care-giver while dad is at school and mom is at work. He loves going over there to play and I'm sure he will miss his good friends when we move!


Nana and Papa Visit

Nana and Papa flew in from Denver last week for a visit (much easier trip than from Alaska). We had grand plans to go to the zoo, but it snowed 18 inches so we were fairly homebound the whole week. Bridger still had a wonderful time. He went to his first movie (Curious George) and made his first trip to Build a Bear, which was a huge hit. You can see his creation "Sno-Mo" in the picture here.


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20-Week Ultrasound

Here is a photo from our 20-week ultrasound this week. The baby was examined six ways to Sunday and pronounced absolutely right on track developmentally. Growth of all the many bones they measure calculates to the exact day of gestation he/she is supposed to be. So, we have graduated from the perinatologist and can now be considered "normal" from now on. Praise God!


Fishy Fun

Some friends of ours treated us to a day at the Camden Adventure Aquarium this last Saturday. Bridger and his friend Drew had a ball watching all the fish, sharks, and even hippos in the water. Then, after a long day of sea-gazing, the kids hung out with a babysitter and the adults got to go out to dinner and play a few rounds of pool. A very fun day!