We've put some miles on these kids recently...

August 22nd--Brookings to Minneapolis, MN 228 miles
August 23rd--Minneapolis to Chisago Lakes, MN 41 miles
August 24th--Chisago Lakes to Duluth, MN 123 miles
August 26th--Duluth to Madison, WI 331 miles
August 28th--Madison to Rochester, MN 211 miles
August 29th--Rochester to Brookings 285 miles

September 10th--Brookings to Council Bluffs, IA 232 miles
September 11th--Council Bluffs to Ankeny, IA 138 miles
September 13th--Ankeny to Brookings 348 miles

September 15th--Brookings to Bailey, CO 812 miles

This week coming up...
September 28th--Bailey to Lander, WY 409 miles
September 30th--Lander to Gardiner, MT 406 miles
October 1st--Gardiner to Bozeman, MT 78 miles
October 2nd--Bozeman to Missoula, MT 203 miles

Soon to be Missoula to Brookings: 1102 miles
TOTAL 4947 miles in 7 weeks

Of course this doesn't count the trips into Denver, Breckenridge, Boulder that we've been doing since we've been in CO, but it gives you a pretty good idea of where we've spent most of our time in the last few weeks.


On the road...

We're in Bailey, CO and enjoying it here. I haven't uploaded any pictures we've taken here yet, but here's a good one of the boys right before we left.


Bridger's always asking to hold Asher. Sometimes it works well, but Asher usually ends up falling off to one side at some point. Here's a good picture of the two brothers, though.


Five Years

Today marks our five-year wedding anniversary. The time has flown by, but it also seems like we've always been married--I can hardly remember life before. When I look back I really can't believe all that has happened and the Lord's incredible faithfulness through it all. In five years we have:

--Moved across the country and left our dearest friends twice, (soon to be 3 times)
--Had three wonderful boys born to us, and buried one
--Completed an MDiv
--Visited four foreign countries
--Lived in three different residences
--Worked four jobs between us

But these big things are not by any means the sum of these five years. The care for each other during times of stress and sickness, the time of fellowship together with friends and family and the ordinary kindness and love of each day is truly what makes these five years memorable.