Wedding fun

Last weekend was the wedding of some close friends of ours: Lino and Julie. We trekked up to Jamestown, NY for the festivities. Ryan was preaching (his first wedding) and Bridger was the ring-bearer so we were busy and doing lots of dressing up. The highlight for Bridger was jumping into the hotel pool about 100 times. He wasn't too excited about getting into his tuxedo, but he received lots of attention in it so I think he grew to like it. Here's Bridger nervously waiting for his turn down the aisle. He got scared about half-way up and ran back to mom, but he made up for it with some dancing moves at the reception. He flirted incessently with the flower girl and ran around like a maniac.


Nova Scotia/PEI trip

I've been intimidated a bit by this vacation post because it's hard to condense it into something short so it's taken me awhile, but I finally decided just to bite the bullet and post something. We had a great nine days driving around Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island at the end of August. We flew into Halifax and then stayed at various B&B's as we traveled. It was really what we needed in terms of a vacation--lots of outdoors and scenery and not many tourists.
These first two pictures are of Hall's Harbour on the north shore of Nova Scotia where we marked our first evening with a lobster dinner and throwing rocks in the ocean (this will be a recurring theme). This next picture is of Cape Split, a rock formation we hiked out to. We were told the hike was 10k's but it ended up being 10 miles with Bridger in the backpack. It was exhausting, but worth it. We drove across a long bridge over to PEI on the way over, but on the way back we took a ferry and saw a few whales and seals even though it was rainy and foggy. This last photo is of the three of us after we had hiked into a waterfall. This hike was not nearly as long and Bridger got to walk a bit of it himself. All in all it was a full, but relaxing vacation.

We are creating a new blog dedicated entirely to our vacation at http://tourpei.blogspot.com. Check it out.