Log Cabin Quilt

I finally finished this enormous log cabin quilt I've been working on for about 9 months just the other day. It's one we actually get to keep (I'm always quilting for gifts and to sell). As you can see in the pictures, it's too big to even photograph entirely (109' x 109'). It's really a king-sized quilt and we only have a queen-sized bed, but I like quilts to almost go to the floor. I hand-quilted a ton of this thing and I am so glad to finally have it on the bed.


Christmas tree and snow!

We put up our Christmas tree a few weeks ago and it's been a fun addition to the apartment. Bridger's favorite Christmas decoration is the advent calendar filled with candy. He asks for it about 20 times a day even though he knows he's already gotten the candy out for that day.We've had some great snows here in the last few weeks, though it's all gone now. Snow is rare in December here, but we love it. Bridger doesn't really like the bundling, but he loves to sled and make snowmen.