New Baby Sutherland

Introducing our newest family member, who is now 18 weeks gestational age. These pictures are from the most recent of many ultrasounds where we have been assured by the doctors that the baby is in perfect health. Though this has been a difficult few months of anxiousness and fear, God has calmed us throughout the process and we are trusting in Him, not the doctors. We aren't finding out the gender so you can be surprised along with us at the end of June when he or she is due. Bridger is excited to have a new baby brother or sister, though I have a feeling he doesn't quite get the reality of it. Mom's been pregnant before and it didn't change his life much so he thinks he's got this new baby thing figured out. Of course, we don't quite get the reality of it either yet so we'll all be adjusting together.


What I've been reading lately

I just finished an Isabel Allende reading kick. My office is full of former English majors so I get a lot of recommendations and books are always being passed around. My favorites of the four were Daughter of Fortune (fiction) and Paula (memoir). Portrait in Sepia and The House of Spirits were good, but maybe too much like Daughter of Fortune and I got a bit bored. I would highly recommend her writing, though. The tales are spun moving back and forth through generations and time--similar to Gabriel Garcia-Marquez. Anyone else read these?


Potty Training and other big-boy stuff

Since we returned from Christmas break, Bridger has decided to make some large and grown-up strides. He is now potty- trained (he's still in a diaper at night, but sporting underoos all day). He's also into taking showers like mom and dad, though sometimes still succumbs to the joys of bath toys. And he's out of the crib (sort of) as it converts to a toddler bed. The next thing we'll tackle are those pesky binkies! With all of these transitions, he doesn't seem phased a bit, so I guess that bodes well for a church-planter's son. This is a picture of his first night in the bed. I have cute ones of him in the shower and with his underoos, but I was feeling he might be a bit old to be that exposed on the internet...



We flew to South Dakota to visit family this Christmas and we had a great time. We had tons of snow, but pretty warm weather, lots of relatives, and LOTS of food. Bridger, of course, had a great time. Here is a photo gallery of some of the things we did.

Made lots of Christmas cookies and ate them all.
Cut Bridger and Joshua a Christmas tree from the shelterbelt.

Went 4-wheeling and pulled the sled during our white, snowy week.

Spent time with the 21 family members who stayed at my parents' house for several days.

And, of course, opened lots and lots of presents!